Wednesday, November 27, 2019

11th Grade Unit 4 Self-Reliance, Concord Hymn, and The Snowstorm by Ralph Waldo Emerson Essay Example

11th Grade Unit 4: Self-Reliance, Concord Hymn, and The Snowstorm by Ralph Waldo Emerson Paper Self-Reliance In this essay, Emerson exhorts readers to avoid blindly conforming to the ideas and and behavior dictated by society or peers. Instead, he urges people to think independently. Concord Hymn In this poem, Emerson praises the bravery of the minutemen who fought at Lexington and Concord. The poem conveys the message that people who make great sacrifices for noble causes such as freedom will never be forgotten. The Snowstorm In this poem, Emerson develops an extended metaphor in which he compares natures force during a snowstorm to an architect crafting a building. The poem conveys the message that nature is capable of creating works of amazing beauty that parallel or surpass those produced by human beings.

Sunday, November 24, 2019

The Battle of the Belgian Plains essays

The Battle of the Belgian Plains essays In Gunsburgs article he tries to examine the first great armored battle that took place on the plains of Belgium in May of 1940, and to note the part it played in the historic Allied defeat. Principally to analyze the battle as a test case of the French conception of mechanized warfare in 1940. Gunsburg believes that too much has been written on this subject and much of it based on ignorance. He believes that other reasons need to be found for the French collapse. Hitlers plan was for General Erich Hoepners XVI Army Corps (the spearhead of the German Sixth Army, and the whole Army of Group B) was to seize the area of the Allied front of Gembloux before the Allies could settle in there and tie down the Allied force in Belgium until the principal German thrust could cut it off. Here the first great armored battle would play a major strategic role. The main question was would Hoepners Panzers forestall the First Army at Gembloux, or would General Rene Priouxs mechanized Cavalry Corps check them and free the powerful French forces to meet the main German thrust to the south? Through sources from German military reports and Journals of French Officers Corps, we see that Hoepners Panzers were unable to forestall the First Army at Gembloux despite the superiority of the Luftwaffe. However, Hoepners leap onto the Belgian plain tied down the elite Cavalry Corps and part of the French First Army while the decisive German assault succeeded on the Muese to the southeast. This first tank battle showed that the two forces more evenly balanced than either side expected, the strength of the French armor and armament offsetting the German superiority in numbers of tanks and infantry and in the air. In the end it was Priouxs choice to play it safe and deploy his Cavalry Corps to meet the Panzers at prepared positions rather than to strike the Panzers as they struggled over the wat...

Thursday, November 21, 2019

Unit 3 assignment Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 500 words

Unit 3 assignment - Essay Example how the problem has affected the citizens and the world at large in order for the reader to have detailed information concerning the problem being research. The author did not give the central aim of research. Instead, he highlighted the problem in the literature review. This results to failure of the author to attract the attention of reader. Although he highlighted that he will use quantitative and qualitative methods to collect their data that they will use in making the conclusion, they never gave the size of the population. In a well researched paper, the author should state the research methods used eg longitudinal design or use of focus groups to retrieve information. In addition, the author could have explained more on how he manipulated the data obtained through coding to come up with report or conclusion. He never highlighted the size of the sample to be used in gathering the information. This is important in helping the reader determine the credibility of the information discussed in the paper. Furthermore, he did not summarize the results obtained in the study. This could have given the reader a clue of what to expect after reading the whole article. Nevertheless, the paper qualify to be a research paper because it has been well formatted despite major points of a research paper being missed. Fraud has been one of the major problems that have been facing health sectors in the world an aspect that has caused them lose a lot of money. This paper addresses the issue of Medicare fraud by pinning down the core problem bringing about the fraud in the first place and then seeks ways in which by using quantitative, qualitative, and mixed method approaches, the problem can actually be studied, understood and addressed appropriately. To gain clarity of objective, the issue is addressed from different world views and more importantly, aligns the world view with the research methodologies.