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Freedom of Self as mentioned in Quran Term Paper

Freedom of Self as mentioned in Quran - Term Paper Example afs, and within the Quran it has been used 255 times, plus NAFSUN 61 times and in other forms ANFUSKUM 49 times, NAFSENE 40 times and NAFASUN 14 times. The term has several meanings, and often Islamic scholars have argued that it refers to the personality of a person. In addition, other scholars have attributed its meaning to ‘intellect’, ‘knowledge’ and ‘mind’. However, its reference to the ‘self’ is perhaps the intuition behind this paper. The self as perceived in the Quran is free, and freedom is an absolute part of the self, and even though it functions in the realms of nature, its actions moves from its own nature and is not derived through natural causes. Steiner and Michael (147), human beings operations can be intuitively thought of as transcending the laws of materialism. Further, the Quran bequeaths the human self to be free and sense a pointer to the reason which compels the self to act as a moral agent. Functions and responsibilities do not have a meaning for a man if they are entirely determined. If the self were not thought of as free, then it would be mindless to the demands of ‘ought’ and would respond only to the demands of ‘must’, and in a sense the responsibility arises from its sense of freedom: it is capable of leading a moral life only because it is free. This view implies that the self has a real choice of freedom, and has the ability to decide on any of the options that are available to it, and responsibility for its decision rests entirely on it. Obviously, the self does not enjoy absolute and unlimited freedom, as the freedom is controlled within the conditions under which it derives its existence. The self abides under the aforementioned restraints; however, the self flourishes only in the atmosphere of liberty. In a highly controlled society, its realms of activities may be subject to rising decline and such a society discourages every manner of self-expression and discourages liberty. Under such conditions,

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Art Class Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 500 words

Art Class - Essay Example American art tend to be more inclined towards presenting self-determination, achievement and liberation of the colonies. However, American art was always overshadowed by the European art and was popular at that time contrary to popular belief. Consequently, Romanticism focused more on emotions, paint textures, and highlights to truly capture the heart of action and emotion. American art is more modern compared to the Renaissance art and European art. The American colonial period consisted of portraits as colonists wanted to establish their identity in the new world. Undoubtedly, this picture is not achromatic as it uses very light colors. From my perspective, it seems as if it is American art since it is very cosmopolitan. There are countless ways of describing a work of art and great depths of one’s expressions and mines of creativity In this particular image, the artist clearly has been extremely creative from every angle and touch. This graphic is a great image as it depicts a typical hand brush that is utilized for cleaning purposes. The brush itself is painted in a very elegant manner with amazing finish. Every bristle is clear and gives the feeling of cleanliness to the audience. Furthermore, the bristles variation in color is a clear depiction of a unique style that the artist has embraced. From my perspective, it seems that the bristles are made using very thin rods of sheets that are strong and durable. The most interesting aspect about this image is the fact that the bristles are very clear. The dustbin in this image is blue and resembles the one that is used for regular housecleaning purposes. The background colors are very solid and in essence truly bring the hue of light and dark c olors. The assimilation of colors is truly the embodiment of modern day art with clear pixels and each color dot being unique. Truly, the brushing was conducted in an elusive manner which